The World first exhibition to bring the Ronchamp chapel in VR

2016 Seoul special exhibition of one of the greatest architect Le Corbusier is held from December 6th to March 26th at Seoul Arts Center’s Hangaram Art Museum in Seocho-dong, southern Seoul. This exhibition is very special because it is the very first case to use drone so that people can experience the view that they cannot experience even if they visit the chapel. Also it has attached 6 cameras in a rig and took the inside of the chapel in the 360-degree video so that people can experience the colorful light. VR (Virtual Reality) is a hot issue these days and there are many various contents coming out. Among them, this Ronchamp VR contents will bring you a different kind of pleasure. Why, VR?{{19_02.jpg}}[Credit: FM communications]Le Corbusier and VR. Ronchamp and VR. When we first thought about Le Corbusier and VR, we begin to think in the position of the visitors such as things that were much to be desired when we look at Architectural exhibition and that lead to a concern of the limitation of Architectural exhibition. “How would it be if we overcome the limit of Architectural exhibition that only allow us to meet the Architecture in image or model and provide a view that people can’t experience even if they visit the real place?”VR seemed as the answer to this question. Why, Notre-Dame du Haut, Ronchamp?{{19_04.jpg}}[Credit: FM communications]Notre-Dame du Haut, Ronchamp which was built on the head of a hill in Ronchamp placed in the east of France is one of the meaningful Architecture of Le Corbusier. The reconstruction of Catholic Church was proceeded as it was collapsed due to the World War II. The priests tried to accept the Modern Art to throw away an extravagant and authoritarian image of past Catholic, and they make a conclusion that Le Corbusier is the only person who can solve their concerns. When Ronchamp was finally done, it received very positive reviews as an innovation in the architecture industry. This is because Le Corbusier has broken his own machinery aesthetic and released a unique artistic freedom which cannot be found in his previous architecture.{{19_05.jpg}}[Credit: FM communications]People who know this story and meaning of Ronchamp feel a shudder when they actually see the chapel. Also, it was Ando Tadao's favorite structure so he always shed tears when he visits there. We wanted to deliver this kind of beauty and godliness to the people. Mountains to overcome{{19_06.jpg}}[Credit: FM communications]Ronchamp has located 5 hours away from Paris. This place went dark from 5-6 p.m. We booked a place near Ronchamp chapel and filmed from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. {{19_07.jpg}}{{19_08.jpg}}[Credit: FM communications]However, we had two major problems. It was the weather and darkness. The weather was so bad during our stay and it also rained. We were not able to shoot outside so we extend the date and the film crew was able to take a scene as the rain stopped for just a moment. {{19_09.jpg}}{{19_10.jpg}}{{19_11.jpg}}[Credit: FM communications]The second mountain was the darkness. The inner side of Ronchamp has no artificial light except candles. Lights falling through the various kinds of windows and candles were all. So we did our best to deliver the light that differs to the window. Overcome the limit of Architectural exhibition{{19_12.jpg}}{{19_13.jpg}}[Credit: FM communications]This Le Corbusier VR video will be served as a momentum to overcome the limit of Architectural exhibition as people should experience the structure or building only through sketches, image or models. Among the various kinds of VR contents coming out, we were able to find some kind of hope to transcend the limit of a space through VR. {{19_14.jpg}}{{19_15.jpg}}{{19_16.jpg}}[Credit: FM communications]Also, the reaction of the people who experienced this Ronchamp VR in the exhibition is very positive and hot. The viewers said ‘I have visited Ronchamp in the past, but this 360 video provided a different kind of experience as I can look the Ronchamp from above as if I were a bird.‘ ‘I felt like as if I was really standing inside the chapel.’ Don’t miss the most special experience that you can ever experience!

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